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No. The fertiliser is made of living micro-organisms that naturally live in the soil. Chemical fertilisers, on the other hand, will leach into the soil and into the waterways and oceans causing environmental issues that are frequently reported in the news.

No, Swift Grow will not burn the new lawn as it does not contain concentrated chemicals, rather natural live active bacteria. Noting not to exceed the recommended dosage range in the user guide.

As soon as you dilute Swift Grow you activate the bacteria out of its suspended state. The viability will decay exponentially over 48 hours, so best to apply to the soil immediately after diluting.

It is recommended to wear gloves and eye protection. If contact is made with the skin or eyes, then immediately wash with running water.

The typical NPK ratio is as shown on the bottle label, however the bacteria in Swift Grow will detect N stresses in the soil and dynamically produce Nitrates from Nitrogen in the air to meet the need of the lemon trees. Swift Grow dynamically detects and produces what any host plant needs in the soil, just like nature has always done.

No, you can only order Swift Grow Products directly from the NZ website as Swift Grow is considered a controlled import item by MPI.

Yes you can, noting about 20% of nutrients are absorbed via the foliage and the rest via the roots.

Swift Grow is great for Bonsai trees and here’s why. Bonsai trees are grown in a contained volume of soil so it’s important to apply regular feeding as the tree roots have a limited range to seek out nutrients and that’s why a liquid fertiliser like Swift Grow will optimise the health of your Bonsai as it is fast acting and quickly absorbed by the tree’s root system.


Swiftgrow’s macro nutrient ratio is suitable for Bonsai and being an organic fertiliser it will not burn your tree roots like some synthetic fertilisers could , and being odourless it is perfect if you are growing your Bonsai indoors.


Application timings would depend on if you are growing Deciduous or evergreen varieties , but a good rule of thumb would be weekly over Spring through to Autumn.

Yes, Swift Grow is pet friendly as well as wildlife friendly.

Noting: We do not recommend pets drink Swift Grow. Swift Grow has 42% Lactobacillus bacterial culture (which is also found in human and animal guts) along with fungi and yeast that exist in fertile soil.

Yes. Swift Grow is suitable for both alkaline and acidic soils as long as you apply within the recommended dosage range. We encourage experimenting with your unique soil by increasing the weekly dosage from the minimum and waiting and observing the plant response and modifying accordingly.

Yes, it will be safe. Swift Grow is a natural disinfectant to pathogens if it comes in contact with produce in the garden. Always wash your produce before consuming.

No, if you fertilise within the recommended dosage range. Do not apply Swift Grow concentrate from the bottle directly on to your garden.

We have undergone thorough inspections by Australian Certified Organics (ACO) that the feed, the fish farming circulatory system and the fertiliser manufacturing process meet their ACO standards and have been successfully granted certification and listed on ACO website as certification number 13128 for the following categories:

In comparison to other organic fertilisers (composed of kelp, seaweed, chicken manure, cattle manure or fish emulsion) contain a much smaller count of beneficial bacteria forming cultures, and they being sourced from commercial sources are laced with heavy metals and toxins. Swift Grow is a unique fertiliser, super-rich in Lactobacillus bacteria and probiotics, found in fertile soil, with 2.4 million culture forming units per litre and is derived purely from fish manure which are farmed sustainably at land-based farm in Riverstone, NSW and lab-tested to be free from all heavy metals toxins as it is certified organic and endorsed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The short answer is “yes”.
The more detailed answer is Swift Grow has a natural probiotic that boosts the natural immunity of all plants. You’ll find over time in applying Swift Grow the powdery mildew and fungal growth will decrease and eventually disappear. Further, to accelerate the immunity of your plants we recommend you increase the Swift Grow dosage by three times the minimum recommended dosage amount as you dilute it in water. When you eventually see the mildew start to decrease and disappear over repeat application in time, then you can reduce back to the minimum dosage.


Note: The increased dosage will not burn the roots or harm the plant’s foliage, as you are only increasing the bacteria count/activity in the soil, which is what your plants need to boost their immunity.

Swift Grow is ACO certified. This is an Australian Certified Organic standard. This means all the product ingredients have been certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard and have met rigorous certification checks ensuring integrity of organic products in the marketplace for consumers.

We recommend all fruit and vegetables be washed under running water before consuming.

To learn more about the nutrient value of Swift Grow check out the SWEP analysis report here