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Soil fertiliser the way nature intended.


A multi-purpose fertiliser.

Swift Grow organic liquid fertiliser is suitable for pot plants, in the garden or at the farm. It’s a multi-purpose fertiliser suitable for all flowers, plants, lawns, trees, soil farms and hydroponic farms. It works naturally!


This one-pager guides on diluting and applying Swift Grow liquid fertiliser so you achieve optimal results first time every time. Swift Grow is a “living fertiliser” with 2.4 million micro-organisms culture forming units per liter.


  1. Don’t store Swift Grow bottles in direct sunlight. Store in a shady, dry location at ambient room temperature.

  2. Don’t dilute Swift Grow until you are ready to apply it. Diluting Swift Grow activates the living organisms out of their suspended state which then need soil or another medium to live in or they start dying.

  3. Don’t keep leftover diluted Swift Grow sitting in a container where the organisms count will decay to zero within 1 or 2 days. The micro-organism natural ‘home’ is around 5cm to 15cm deep in your soil.

  4. Don’t apply pesticides or synthetic chemicals prior to applying Swift Grow. Pesticides, weedicides and fungicides can kill living matter which may kill the Swift Grow microorganisms. If unsure, contact us first.

  5. Don’t think of protecting your plants with synthetic chemicals. Instead switch the thinking to naturally boosting the immunity of plants against pests and pathogens with Swift Grow’s own natural probiotics.

  6. Fertiliser tolerance to the presence of toxins in your water (such as mercury, lead, chlorine) that exceed AU standards is not known. We recommend you trial on a sample of water first & observe the plants response.

Soil chart.

Minimum recommended dilution, frequency & coverage for damp soil.

Minimum Recommended DilutionMinimum Recommended FrequencyCoverage
ApplicationContainer VolumePlanting
Per One
Pot plantsAdd 1ml to 500ml contaiEvery 3 daysEvery weekEvery month1 x 30cm pot
GardenAdd 40ml (capful) to 9 liters hand watering canEvery 3 daysEvery weekEvery month5 sqm
Soil FarmAdd 1 liter for each 500 liters mechanized sprayerOnce a weekEvery 2 weeksEvery month1.6 Hectares
Add 1 liter for each 500 liters of water by volumeOnce 3 daysEvery weekEvery month500 liters
  1. For heavily depleted soil, you can double or at max triple the amount of Swift Grow per application to accelerate the microorganism count, monitor the plant visual response & later reduce to the minimum recommendation.

  2. If your soil is dry or wet you would need to increase/decrease the water volume, but maintain the fertiliser/water ratio, so the micro-organisms can use the water to travel down to their appropriate ‘home’ soil depth.

  3. As each host soil fertility and organisms count is different, so we recommend you assess the visual response of your plants after each application to determine a lesser or higher frequency of Swift Grow than tabled above.

  4. Excess Swift Grow will not burn the roots or harm the ecosystem, so don’t be concerned if you over apply.

  5. Non-hazardous fertiliser. Follow recommended safety instructions on the bottle.

  6. Swift Grow has natural probiotics that promotes and restores the natural taste/smell/colour of all fruit, vegetables and flowers. With repeat applications the probiotics will restore the natural immunity of your plants.

  7. Swift Grow promotes increased biomass and nutrients/gram of green-leafy vegetables, fruit and grains.

  8. The floral Lactobacillus bacteria that is rich in Swift Grow attracts bees and promotes bee immunity to pathogens.

  9. Contact us for a tailored dosage if you have infertile soil & struggling plants. Swift Grow applications will restore soil fertility and plant vibrancy typically over 1 – 6 months., Phone 02 8610 6789.