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Reducing water usage!

Lynwood Golf Course & Country Club

Lynwood Golf is located 50km northwest of Sydney. The 18-hole golf course is set on 230 acres taking advantage of many natural wetland features.


My team started trialling Swift Grow organic liquid fertiliser in October 2019 initially on our 4000m² of Santa Couch Driving Range Tees before branching out on to pour course Tees.

Water usage

Since using Swift Grow I’ve achieved a water usage reduction of roughly 40%. In the Summer of 2019/2020, my golf course was under strict water usage limitations. We had to look at new strategies to ensure a high-quality surface was achieved without exceeding our water license. Swift Grow was applied at 2Lt/Ha fortnightly and within 2 weeks of the application, the plant began to look healthier.


Due to the strength of the plant, our irrigation frequency was dropped from 4 cycles a week to just 2, with isolated hand-watering carried out when required. During this period, we actually saw improvement in our surfaces despite no rainfall for nearly 6 months and reducing our water usage by nearly half.


These incredible results have given me the confidence to implement a soil health program on our 20 hectares of fairways, applying Swift Grow using our injection system that runs through our irrigation programs.


From my experiences using Swift Grow, I would recommend Swift Grow to anyone looking to improve plant health whilst reducing water usage.


If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Reduced the total production cost!

The Green Valley Gallery

The Green Gallery nursery is 40km northwest of Sydney situated on two sites totalling 10 acres. We grow flowers and plants from exclusive access to the best and newest varieties of plants and flowers available in Australia and regularly travel overseas to stay in touch with international trends in flora.


We supply florists, retail nurseries, municipal councils and landscapers on a wholesale basis. We deliver Australia-wide.

My team started trialling Swift Grow organic liquid fertiliser in November 2019 with a small number of scientifically controlled ‘test and control’ potted plants by hand-applying the test plants with diluted Swift Grow from a watering can. The control plants were fertilised with the best commercial pellet-form fertiliser we had honed-in over time to produce our healthy plants.

Superior flowering plants

After the second Swift Grow application, being a week apart, the Swift Grow test plants started to show measurable difference. By the fourth application, being four weeks into the test, the Swift Grow test plants demonstrated taller stem with more vigorous branching resulting in wider and fuller plant bulk and shape. The number and size of the flower bulbs was significantly more with richer and deeper colours.

Reduced our water consumptions

The 2019 summer brought record temperatures reaching 47°C in December and January. From the first-hand experience with using Swift Grow through these dry conditions, Swift Draw fertiliser enabled our plants to require less water and overall do better than the control plants.

Reduced production cost

Using Swift Grow organic liquid fertiliser has significantly reduced the total production cost on many fronts: Direct synthetic fertiliser costs and removing the need for soil conditioners and soil fortifications. The safety bonus is Swift Grow enabled our staff to handle organic fertilizer without the need for chemical hazard protective gear and not having to manage fertilizer run-offs into the surrounds and waterway.


We have noticed an increasing number of bees coming to our Swift Grow flowers since applying Swift Grow, which we appreciate is benefitting to the ecosystem and flower cross-pollinations.


Based on the amazing results of the trial, we have extended the application of Swift Grow and now trialling the Swift Grow slow-release powder. I’m happy to recommend it, and would gladly discuss our results via a phone call.

Jeremy Critchley
The Green Gallery Nursery

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