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Disruptive natural agricultural technology in a bottle.

Liquid or granular fertiliser?

The benefits of Swift Grow Liquid Fertiliser.

So, you are checking out Swift Grow because you’re looking for a fertiliser product that will not only increase your growth rates and yields, but is 100% organic and will nurture your soil.


There is a raft of fertiliser products out there so when it comes down to choosing a fertiliser, the two key considerations are, do you go for a liquid one or a granular alternative?


A neutral, non-smelly liquid fertiliser like Swift Grow has these core benefits over a granular based fertiliser:

  • It’s easy to apply and allows rapid absorption into the soil
  • Enables a faster uptake of the nutrients through the plant’s roof system
  • Can be applied as foliar and a base soil spray so it has a dual purpose
  • A liquid is a final product and easy to regulate applications with a controlled method from a watering can for the home garden to commercial boom sprayers for a commercial business


Also diluting liquid is much more user friendly than dissolving granules, and there is no risk with Swift Grow with over applying like a granular fertiliser that may lead to scorching or burning to the root system.

Liquid fertiliser also has the benefit of being super easy to store. Swift Grow comes in a concentrated form which means that instead of storing bags of granular fertiliser, it’s condensed into a container of concentrate which means that it is easier to store, lift, to move and to transport.


Containers of liquid fertiliser can be stored through the seasons without fear of the material getting wet or infested with mildew plus it’s 100% odourless and safe if you were to spill it it’s the same as cleaning up a spilt bottle of water. It’s that neutral! Also, because the concentrate can last a few seasons it will also save frequent trips to the garden centre for those who need to apply fertiliser more than once in a season.


So give Swift Grow a go – it’s the smart way to get your garden growing! 

Where it all begins.

Our farm.

River Stone Fish Farm and Laboratory produces natural products in the fields of agriculture and hygiene derived from barramundi fish. Our fish are sustainably farmed in a pristine environment that mimics the species natural habitat. We are a preferred supplier to four Australian state governments. 


Our Australian certified organic liquid plant fertiliser, ‘Swift Grow’, is derived from fish manure and has won the 2020 Parramatta City Council Excellence in Innovation award. It met all the economic and environmental standards and is proven by various industry trials and thousands of Australian customers. Swift Grow is sold throughout Australia and is exported to the UAE, EU, UK and New Zealand with support from NSW Primary Industry and AusTrade.


Swift Grow revives infertile farmland back to an optimal productivity state by restoring the depleted soil bacteria. Swift Grow is uniquely rich in the active bacteria found in fertile soil, restoring the full soil biota within a year by repeat applications. 

Barramundi fish
Radio interview with Greg Meyer, Former President of Permaculture

What has the expert been saying?

Greg Meyer approves!

Greg Meyer is the former President of Permaculture, who practices a design system based on ethics and principles to maximise a space’s sustainability, whether a suburban block, an apartment or large acreage.
Check out what Greg has been saying about Swift Grow.

The dos and don’ts.

How to use Swift Grow, the organic plant superfood.

Swift Grow is fairly easy to use, however, to ensure you can achieve the most optimal result, please have a read through our simple guide document.

To learn more about the nutrient value of Swift Grow check out the SWEP analysis report here