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Swift Grow.
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Healthy plants love healthy soil!

The organic way to optimise soil fertility.

Not only does New Zealand have a healthy horticulture economy of more than $10bn, it has also seen a phenomenal boom in the love of ornamental houseplants and homegrown fruit and veggies. 


Soil health is a critical part of the equation and that’s where Swift Grow can dramatically improve results.

Premium Certified Organic Fertiliser

Regenerates Soil

An organic, liquid superfood rich in the micro-organisms needed in all soil types, hydroponics and plants.

Replenishes Nutrients

Swift Grow is a ‘living fertiliser’ packed with the same bacteria found in fertile soil, which will produces foods rich in the good natural bacteria.

Saves Our Bees

The bacteria in our fertiliser (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) assists in restoring bee immunity, further improving the natural ecosystem.

Revive Planting Mediums

A powerful liquid fertiliser with the right combination of micro-organisms to revive even the most troubled soils.

Restore the Senses

Improves the natural taste, colour, smell and nutrient levels of your fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds.

Sustainably Sourced

Sourced from sustainable, all-natural and organically-farmed fish production.

Woman and her young child planting vegetables in home garden.

A Few Words About Us

Your fertiliser choice can change our planet.

“My life’s work is to bring to life a good news story of the 21st century, that each gardener can play their collective part in restoring the dying bees back to health with Swift Grow fertiliser!!!”

Joseph Ayoub
Joseph Ayoub

Founder & Scientist

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Why Choose Us

What makes us different.

Our fish farm in Riverstone produces mercury-free, certified-organic barramundi. These magnificent creatures are responsible for the creation of our fertiliser. It is their digestive waste that is used to produce the rich in macronutrients, microbiome, and good bacteria found in our fertiliser.

We are committed to a producing a scientifically proven fertiliser that is free from any chemicals, metals and is 100% Certified Organic.

River Stone Fish Farm was established with a primary goal in mind: “to produce sustainable Barramundi crops free from all contaminants. It wasn’t long after we started we realised that we had to eliminate all commercial fish feed, and started growing our own for two reasons. Commercial feeds are not sustainable, and are heavily polluted with heavy metals, such as mercury.

After eliminating fish meals from the diet, we managed to drop the levels of contaminants by 90%. However, the 10% still present was still toxic.

The primary macronutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N.P.K). You may be most familiar with these three nutrients because they are required in larger quantities than other nutrients.
The secondary macronutrients sulphur, magnesium, carbon, and calcium. Although they are called secondary, these elements are not necessarily needed by plants in smaller quantities.
The micronutrients, also known as essential elements, are required in very small quantities. If any micronutrient is deficient, the growth of the entire plant will not reach maximum yield.

To learn more about the nutrient value of Swift Grow check out the SWEP analysis report here

We feel it is our responsibility to maintain the planet’s natural resources to avoid jeopardising the needs of future generations. So we’ve made the commitment to ensure our fertiliser is not only environmentally-friendly, it is sustainable.

After 12 years of research and development and 2 years of several university-controlled trials, commercial field trials with nurseries, golf courses, permaculture groups and hundreds of Mum & Dad gardeners, Swift Grow fertiliser has won the 2020 City of Parramatta Excellence in Innovation award by The Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence.

With climate change and human population growth, our bees need all the help they can get. So, by returning soil micronutrients to their natural state and improving the health of flowering plants, Swift Grow can improve bees’ immunity to pathogens* and aid in the much-needed restoration of the bee population*.

Gardener pulling up organic carrots

Happy customers

Our friends.

My team started trialling Swift Grow organic liquid fertilizer in October 2019 initially on our 4000m² of Santa Couch Driving Range Tees before branching out on to pour course tees. Water usage on tees has been cut by 40% with no ill effects to turf health. I attribute this drought tolerance to the Swift Grow product being applied this summer, and is my main reason for increasing the use of Swift Grow on my fairways in the coming weeks. From my experience, based on my trials of Swift Grow, I'm very happy to recommend it to any other golf course.
Lynwood - Golf Course
We started experimenting with Swift Grow organic liquid fertiliser in November 2019 with a small number of scientifically controlled ‘test and control’ potted plants, by hand-applying the test plants with diluted Swift Grow from a watering can. Using Swift Grow organic liquid fertiliser has significantly reduced the total production cost on many fronts including direct synthetic fertiliser costs and removing the need for soil conditioners and soil fortifications.
Jeremy Critchley - Owner The Green Gallery Nursery

Who uses Swift Grow?

Suitable for everyone.

Home gardener growing vegetables

Everyday Gardeners

Swift Grow works well in your home garden, vegetable patch or your lawns. Create the lush green environment you have been working hard to achieve or grow produce that tastes amazing, fresh and full of nutrients.

Commercial flower grower

Commercial Customers

With proof that Swift Grow can save you in water, production costs, can increase in bee population and speeds up the growth process in plants. It's no wonder businesses are choosing to work with Swift Grow. Great for nurseries, golf courses, vegetables markets gardens. Anyone that works with plants.

Organic Farmers in NZ


Swift Grow restores infertile farmland back to optimal productivity state by restoring the depleted soil bacteria back to optimal health. Swift Grow is uniquely rich in live active bacteria as that is found in fertile soil, restoring the full soil biota within a year by repeat applications.

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