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New Zealand farmer adding Swift Grow organic fertiliser to his paddocks.

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Add organic matter back into your soil.

As New Zealand farming practices become more intensive, and as the climate changes, we know farmers are having a tougher job growing crops year-on-year. When soil gets low in organic matter you’ll see less nutrients for living organisms, lower moisture retention, a decrease in biodiversity, lower production yields and the chances of irreversible erosion.

So, what if you could return the all-natural organic matter back into the soil on your farm the way nature intended? Not by adding man-made chemicals that can upset nature’s fragile balance but with certified organic fertiliser that works in harmony with the land. What if you could grow lush, hardy crops with less water, grow in less time and contribute to a sustainable future?

Then we encourage you to look more closely at what Swift Grow can do for your business, your land and the planet. To learn more about the nutrient value of Swift Grow check out the SWEP analysis report here. To understand more about our amazing award-winning and scientifically-proven certified organic fertiliser, please reach out to our New Zealand Swift Grow team or visit our FAQ’s on the website. 

Swift Grow Organic Fertiliser 1000 litre

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