Swift Grow is no longer available for sale

in New Zealand

SwiftGrow fertiliser is a unique and innovative product that is popular internationally and has been imported and sold in New Zealand under a veterinary certification since 2021. However, MPI has reassessed how SwiftGrow should be categorised within its existing IHS (import health standard) and determined that it does not have the appropriate IHS for fish manure-based fertiliser. Therefore, SwiftGrow has now ceased sales and distribution and is requesting MPI amend its IHS for processed animal manure products to include fish manure-based fertilisers.

MPI advises that the development or amendment of an IHS is a two-step process that takes up to two years.

We understand this may disappoint or inconvenience customers, and we apologise for the disruption. We will work with MPI to make the amendment as quickly as possible and will keep you updated.


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