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Swift Grow Organic Fertiliser 1 litre


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Swift Grow is a scientifically proven organic fertiliser that regenerates the soil by replacing all of the nutrients back into our soil that has been lost from overuse of chemical fertilisers and over-farming. With our 20 years of Research and Development, our fertiliser has been formulated to restore the fertility of today’s soil and produce fast-growing, healthy lawns and plants 

Swift Grow is a ”living fertiliser” which produces super-rich, fertile soil which produces foods rich in the same gut bacteria that our bodies need. Do you remember when fruit and vegetables tasted real, not like they do today, they lack in taste and flavour? It is due to the quality of our soil, poor quality soil produces poor quality vegetables.

  • It’s an organic, liquid fertilizer that is safe to use around pets and kids.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • It’s an all-purpose fertilizer that can be used on both outdoor and indoor house plants, vegetable gardens, nurseries or for commercial growing.

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Directions of Use:

Apply to Water to Activate

1 Litre Dilutes to 500 Litres

The primary benefit of Swift Grow is restoring the natural soil micro-organisms (active lactobacillus,
fungi, yeasts and other photosynthetic bacteria) has been scientifically ascertained to be caused by
soil microbial depletion which causes to top soil erosion that contributes to global warming. Swift
Grow can help to reverse global warming and has been certified by the NSW Department of Primary
Industry (see attached) as: ”contains microbial components that play a dual role of promoting
healthy soil, and those same components also bio-suppress and helps control harmful micro-
organisms/pathogens in soils. That dual role makes Swift Grow safe to use in soils in NSW and


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