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The Good Soil.

Woman and her young child planting vegetables in home garden.

Whether you’re a casual urban green finger or a seasoned lifestyle gardener, you’ll know the only thing better than growing your own herbs, fruit and veggies is creating an incredible, full-flavoured dish with them.

Those of us in urban areas lucky enough to have found a dedicated patch to grow fresh produce in our backyards, might find soil conditions aren’t as great as they should be. This could be due to the heavy earthmoving and landscaping carried out while our neighbourhoods were being developed. Soils low in nutrients and organic matter will result in produce lacking in colour and size, and tasting a bit bland on the plate.


But don’t rush off to the garden centre to nuke your veggie patch with man-made chemical fertilisers. These can upset the natural balance of your soil, and be harmful to kids, pets and the multitude of tiny creatures that keep our little piece of paradise in balance.


Naturally occurring organic fertilisers such as Swift Grow make sure your little, edible garden gets everything it needs to produce delicious, plump and colourful fruit and veggies – while looking after the soil and its diverse microcosm of flora and fauna.


Swift Grow is created from the manure collected at a 100% organic fish farm. It’s founder and creator, Genetics Engineer Joseph Ayoub, has been on a personal mission to produce the full flavoured organic foods he remembers from his childhood but seem to be lacking in today’s mass-produced varieties.


Joseph set up a small barramundi fish farm in New South Wales in 2007 and quickly realised that to achieve a truly organic status he’d need to create the fish’s food supply too. That’s when he noticed the fish manure discarded as fertiliser on the farm nearby caused the trees and plants to grow prolifically. Their fruit yield, size, colour and aroma was so amazing that he was reminded of the produce from his childhood.


Joseph has since upgraded his farm to purify this ‘fish-water’ make it ‘zero-smell’ and named it Swift Grow, which has been impressing both commercial and artisan growers alike.


If you’re looking for the satisfaction of garden-to-table fruit and veggies then look for an organic fertiliser option like Swift Grow to keep your soil in optimum conditions, and impress your guests with outstanding looking and tasting produce.


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